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    Hey guys I’m kinda confused with what schema should I use for my business website, my business is in the home security niche, something like ADT, and I don’t really know if I should use Local or Organization Schema since I only have one physical location in one city but we provide service in any city of my country, will the local schema hurt my ranking for other cities? or it’s gonna help on my city without affecting my ranking for the rest of the cities?


    Hi there,

    From my experience adding the local/org schema info will make it easier for local prospects to find you while not having much impact on your overall SEO strategy.

    Prospects in other cities should still be able to find you based on your SEO work as long as you are focusing on your general market.

    Anyone else want to further elaborate on this?



    I recommend you to use local business schema


    Benenne mir mal deine Webseite, dann kann ich schnell mal einen SEO Check machen.


    Tell me the name of your website so I can do a quick SEO check.


    You likely won’t rank for local searches where you have no physical presence. If people come to your location use local, if they don’t use Org.


    You can combine both types.

    “Organization” can be set as the maintype and “LocalBusiness” as subtype for its location-property.

    This variant is also rendered without complains by the Google tool for testing rich results and the structured data testing tool.


    Thanks for the help guys!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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