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    Hi, I work on an agency and I am responsible for managing our client’s social media accounts (our agency’s as well), so I was thinking, should I be posting anything related to holidays. E.x Halloween, Christmas, New Year…





    Find a company angle on it. Sharing low effort pics of pumpkins that say happy Halloween doesn’t look great but maybe arrange for staff to do a pumpkin carving competition (from home, if better?) and share pics from it? Last year, we did an after hours event where everyone did a pumpkin, it was a good team building exercise, made for some fun content and showed to people looking in that we were a nice place to work. It might not be possible this year, but find the angle.


    Yes you can post as other businesses do. But ensure you highlight your client’s service or product in the post.


    Should you be? No.

    Could you, with a thought out plan? Sure.

    In general when you mention a holiday, it’s sort of saying to people: “hey, we’re a company, but we want to show good will. We’re people too.” …. so, it’s tacky for a company to use the concept of an upcoming holiday to spam.

    Talking about the holiday, in relation to the company is good. Talking about the company, because it’s a holiday, is not good.

    This is all just my personal marketing gut feeling as a marketer and as someone who intakes holiday marketing.


    Depends on if it’s relevant to your client’s business, and how it aligns with your overall social media marketing strategy & objectives.

    A company like *MeUndies* that has lots of seasonal products and capitalizes on current trends should absolutely be utilizing as a base for some of their content.

    A company like *TurboTax* has no reason to be talking about holidays. Not one single person in the world cares what *TurboTax*’s opinion on Halloween is.

    Generally speaking, usually a good idea to err on the side of caution about religious holidays.
    – Celebrating one in particular (e.g., “Merry Christmas!”) isolates followers from other faiths / agnostic / athiest.
    – Celebrating none in particular (e.g., “Happy Holidays!”) can have pushback from followers that very opinionated about their faith.
    – Celebrating multiple holidays (e.g., “Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukah!”) has both of the above problems, along with watering down the original message.

    There is no good definition of “religious holidays”. Halloween has roots in religious ceremonies. St Patricks Day, Valentines Day, and many others are also strongly tied to specific religions and cultures. Use your own judgement.

    Same can be said about “political holidays”. Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples Day has a lot of controversy. Thanksgiving has a lot of controversy.

    Really depends on your products, and your target demographics.


    The only time I would post something holiday related would be to inform of a location being closed, or if it had high level of association with client’s business. Like if I have a client who specializes in selling Christmas cards, then I am posting holiday related stuff.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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