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    I’m running my first shopping campaign. We are quite successful on Facebook, but we have a problem for shopping ads: Our Product Names are non descriptive. An that’s why they won’t appear for regular keywords.

    Let’s say title of my product is “Icelord” which is a toy figure, however I want to boost it when people search for “children toys” and not when they search “icelord”, is there any way to do that?

    I know It could maybe businesswise decide to rename the product, but let’s assume I wouldn’t want to do it because our landing page looks cool as it is and it sells and we just trying out shopping ads.

    I checked the product attributes and it doesn’t seem that I can provide keywords or a description or anything…

    To be clear I can only run shopping ads for search terms that kind of included in my product name?




    You should look into a method called search query sculpting. It allows you to bid on keywords for shopping by negatively blocking certain keywords. This could help you.

    Generally the higher the bid the more broad keywords trigger your shopping ads so increasing your PLA bid could also help


    You can use a [Google Shopping Supplemental Feed]( if you want to change your product titles for shopping ads but not change what is on your site. Also Google looks at your whole shopping feed when deciding what to rank for products and SKUs for. Make sure you have a good product description too.

    You can add any words you want to your product title but it’s best to keep it relevant to what you are selling.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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