It’s hard to find a good Advertising/Optimization Solution with a feature set which I think is pretty prevalent !!!

Forum White Hat SEO PPC It’s hard to find a good Advertising/Optimization Solution with a feature set which I think is pretty prevalent !!!

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    We are a new and small eCommerce company looking for a solution to help us with cross-channel ad/campaign optimization. We have a very small engineering team not dedicated to marketing, so we have been looking for a good analytics solution requiring a “near-zero” engineering effort that could provide daily/weekly actionable recommendations with some automation. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find one which fulfills all our seemingly general requirements.

    Why isn’t there/Why is it difficult to find, a one-stop cross-channel marketing analytics solution providing the following feature set?

    1. Autonomous monitoring for campaign KPIs – Anomaly detection
    2. KPI trends and analysis with respect to all the key drivers of the KPI.
    3. Recommend Actionable insights based on KPI anomalies and trends.
    4. Enable experimentation (split/fork campaigns, A/B tests, etc.)


    Because what you want is not easy nor cheap to build. If you don’t have your engineer team work on it, that means someone else’s team would be. Especially something that works cross-channel with a dozen different ad platforms.


    there’s an all-in-one solution named twik that I highly recommend, I think it pretty much covers all of the needs you have specified. it integrates easily (5 min installation with a single line of code) and features a very cool BI system as well as whole website on-sight personalization and optimization engine, performs user profiling and targeting, and whole funnel optimization. another thing to mention is that the solution does not utilize A/B testing, but rather performs consistent alterations to the website in a user-specific manner (AI based solution)


    Because it’s completely custom and no templated solution would work for every kind of advertiser.

    Usually my agency offers all of this as a value add for the price of managing $15K+/month media budgets. Thats media, reporting, tracking, dashboard, custom reporting, strategy, account management, campaign management and creative services as needed. The platform reallocate budgets cross channel towards the best performers.

    That’s omni channel/cross channel down to the ad group level: search, social and programmatic. If you have a lot of duplication that also includes dedupe reporting for true ROAS.

    At the $30-50K/month level you can leverage deeper integrations and multi touch attribution.

    Suffice it to say, it is isn’t reasonable for most companies to build that kind of tech in house so they rely on specialist vendors like advanced digital agencies.

    Most people on this subreddit won’t be at that level so it rarely gets discussed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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