is this too little or too much value for a $2,000 a month retainer?

Forum White Hat SEO is this too little or too much value for a $2,000 a month retainer?

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    I’m looking at pricing tiers (with some help from past Reddit threads and posters) and I’m proposing this for $2,000 a month. Is it too much? Not enough?

    – 2 x content ideation (based on search volume and gap analysis) and development. 2 blogs basically, either on client’s site or as part of a guest blog arrangement. 8 hours.
    – Linkbuilding prospecting and outreach. Any paid links over-and-above extra cost and discussed with client. 10 hours.
    – Technical liaison with client’s web dev. Working through tech or on-page issues resulting from SEO audit. 5 hours.
    – 1 x keyword-rich page based on thematic group of keywords. 3 hours.
    – Reporting, health-checks and recommendations. Includes link monitoring, competitors, website health (GSC), keyword tracking, all the automated stuff. 2 hours.
    – Client meeting. 1 hour.

    I’m only charging $70 per hour right now, and all this works out to just over $2k. I’m sure there’s some things here people could say they could do much faster, but this is where I feel comfortable. I’m particularly gash at the content-writing part. I have no idea how people churn out high-value, original, thought-leadership blogs in under a few hours. The content development I just outsource and make a small margin on.



    Seems pretty standard to me. Not too cheap or expensive!


    Is that 4 hours per blog post?


    You’re asking the wrong people.

    A sale is an agreement, ask yourself if you’d be happy doing that work for $2k, ask the buyer if they see and want the value in it.


    The thing SEO firms seem to not realize is clients don’t care what you do, or how long it takes. They care about results. Value based pricing requires value based proposals.


    It’s finding the balance between what youre willingly to accept and what the buyer is willingly to accept. Charge too much and it won’t be sustainable for clients and might lose them down the road. Ask too little than it’s not worth it for you. Depending on how much work are you willingly to accept? If you don’t have much on your hands than do it, if you’re too busy to take on the other client then ask for more. At the end of the day you want it to be a win win scenario.


    Seems fairly reasonable. How much of the budget is set aside for links?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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