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    I’m being completely open about this.

    A little background: back in 2013 I created a site called The Free Bundle. It helped independent game developers reach new audiences by showcasing their creations for free. It worked. CNET and others linked us. Amazon even tweeted about it. We suffered the Reddit effect. 113k visits in one hour or so.

    Fast forward, 2018. We dropped the independent developers for several reasons and we created an online fantasy & sci-fi magazine under the same name/banner. At first, it was simply a website. Since last month, we have a digital publication.

    Now, the site is doing great with its target audience, but I want to expand and… I’m having issues with the name + google.

    I admit it would be simply faster to move away and get something like SciFiNow or something like that (taken, already checked), but we want to keep the name.

    I haven’t been consistent with it either. We launched a podcast called Free Bundle Originals and, though we used the logo, we never used the word Magazine. Now is everywhere but… google seems to be having trouble linking all that under the same domain.

    What can I do? I just updated the podcast title to Free Bundle Magazine in the hopes Google cab group the site with the podcast together. I already added []( to every page (didn’t know that was a thing until a few hours ago).

    The site scores 92 on the Google SEO tools, but something tells me either these are crap or I dropped the ball with the name. Pretty much a little bit of both.

    Can I get some pointers to rank better in the Sci-Fi / Fantasy genre without using a blog (though I’ve heard that’s a must, but not so sure if that’s true for 2020)?

    Any pointers will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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