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    So I run a medium sized dying instagram account (100k followers) and I was wondering if I should migrate to snapchat?

    I know for advertisers/making money instagram is still supreme but I think snapchat may give a breathe of fresh air.

    I do also have a smaller instagram I’m growing.

    The account is freaky/sexual images and memes so I’m wary of their T&C. Quite vague.


    I would say yea start a snapchat but run both ya know. And post unique content to both so people have a need to follow you on both. I think Snap might be good for you because it’ll be less strict on the adult rated content youseem to be posting. Just my 2cents 🙂


    Hey there! The biggest tip I would give you about consolidation or migration of platforms is this: know who your audience is, and cater to where they are. You could make the big switch to Snapchat and realize that your target audience isn’t on that platform. Or you could tap in to a hidden goldmine on Snapchat because that’s where the majority of your target audience is. But make sure that wherever you focus your energies, it’s where the people who you want to hear your message will be. Best of luck!


    Huh? Snapchat is for messaging with friends


    Yes and also the rest, you can repurpose the same content over 26 platforms


    How do you grow your Snapchat account? I would like to do that with my art, but I just keep getting a few views from my friends and that’s pretty much it. No idea how to grow there.


    If I were you I’d run a hub and spoke model. Put your posts in at one place (wordpress) and have it trickle down to a hundred different properties.

    I could help. I’ve got a lot of experience. But I’m a data guy not a designer. Write once read anywhere. I have a couple of VPS. I was using vestacp for years and years. Just changed to a fork called hestiacp.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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