Is it worth competing with big websites that publish bad content?

Forum White Hat SEO Is it worth competing with big websites that publish bad content?

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    We have an educational website. I manage a team of 6 people who are all very engaged in teaching or are experienced teachers. Our product sells great and now we want to go to the next step.

    That would include creating study notes for all sorts of topics. Two questions arise:


    1. Is it worth competing with really big websites that create shitty content? Some of our keywords for study notes have a volume of 300,000-500,000 and on the first page you will find websites that were created in 2008, are terrible in explaining and have no further advantage to them, HOWEVER, they are from famous universities. Our content (100% realistically) is significantly more useful, however, our website is relatively small (100 backlinks) and thus I am scared that it wouldn’t be worth the time to actually go for those kinds of keywords.
    2. We create content for a specific college curriculum. Besides the content of the page, would that be a disadvantage for us? So does Google prefer content that is addressed to everybody rather than the same ‘content’ that is addressed to a specific group but can be used by everybody?


    To elaborate on 2). The only thing that is adapted to the college curriculum is that we create content that covers all the points, however, at the same time, we are creating the same content and more that are on the current #1-#10 pages of SERPS.



    I’m learning SEO myself so I can lead my team better, however, we are currently at a junction and my knowledge is too limited to answer these questions properly. I really appreciate your advice 🙂


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    If your ideal audience matches the audience of the bigger website, go for it. You may never rank above them depending on their details but you could rank right below them.

    When someone lands on their content and isn’t satisfied they will most likely click yours. If your content is better it should lead to more customers.


    Most likely, yes. Even if you don’t out-rank them, users won’t be satisfied with their content and will keep looking. For 2) research what the intent is of the people searching. What questions are they asking and what problem are they trying to solve. Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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