Is it safe to have TikTok on an Android phone in the USA?

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    I started using TikTok on June 16th this year. I signed up only using an email and linked my Instagram account and provided no other personal information beyond that.

    So recently, I heard about hacking and data breeches on TikTok. It was said that there are some security issues regarding the app in a way that they’re collecting lots of information from it’s users. Eversince I heard about it, I unlinked the Instagram then uninstalled the app (I didn’t delete my account).

    So my question is, is TikTok actually dangerous? Why or why not? If there’s really an issue with using the app, then why are so many people using it? Has anything actually happened to anyone from using the app? Would it be safe if I downloaded the app again?


    You should probably read the Reddit post about the guy who reverse engineered that app it’s terrible avoid it at all cost


    We can’t really speculate on danger yet since we don’t know what’s done with the data. The frustration is that we don’t know why they’re even trying to collect all of it when people are just trying to dance and take on seemingly innocent challenges.

    The questions you need to ask are centered on the value they’ve found in the data they’re collecting, and your level of comfort in being their commodity while you seek 15 seconds of viral fame.

    Surely, it’ll all be about advertising data so people like me can have even more refined targeting when I want to pay them to help me sell you some shit. But in a hacker’s world, where no data is safe, how comfortable are you knowing that an app knows the banking apps you use, all the contacts in your phone, email address, passwords, contact details, and whatever else is contained in those packets? Do you want to be a line in a spreadsheet just because you did a funny dance that lived on #FYP for an afternoon?

    Sprinkle in a little xenophobia for a Chinese-owned network, from a country everyone is predicting an inevitable war with for the last decade, and ask yourself if it’s all worth it.


    Forgot to mention that I nevered posted any videos of my own on TikTok; I just made an account and watched other users’ videos.

    Anyways, is uninstalling the app sufficient? Should I also delete my account? Since I had installed the app before, will my phone and/or email be affected forever? What about everyone else who had/has the app (including common people, celebrities, companies, etc.)?


    This app is a data mining operation for China, everyone should delete this app.


    No, it is not. No Chinese app is safe for use.


    I don’t think Android is safe at all

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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