Is it possible to grow on social media without being a public figurcelebrity of any sort … Or buying followers (if you’re not a celebrity)

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media Is it possible to grow on social media without being a public figurcelebrity of any sort … Or buying followers (if you’re not a celebrity)

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    Similar to rich getting richer poor getting poorer is this the case of gaining a high number of followers on various social media platforms. Nowadays, non-public figure are being urged to buy followers


    Be unique? Be interesting? Give people a reason to follow? Everyone is fighting for attention with little to offer. Hey hey look at me! Follow me…. okay who are you and what do you do? Ummmm… I stream Fortnite (cool so do hundreds of thousands of other people.) I take pictures of my salad and my mundane life. (Zzzzz…)

    It’s 100% possible to grow on social without being famous but you have to be interesting. The average person thinks they are when in fact they are not.


    Don’t buy followers, it’s hard work to start building your audience, but when you going it’ll be easier.

    Post at least 3 times a week with useful information to your audience and then boost your posts with an ad to a wide target audience. Then invite everyone that likes your post to like your page.

    Once you have at least 100+ page likes, boost your posts to a lookalike audience of the people that already like your page (this is why it’s important not to buy followers)

    Once you start getting 1000+ likes you should start to know what content works best with your audience and keep working at it.


    Yes, a brand with a strong social media following can be any format; a person, cartoon, music catalogue, fashion blog, whatever. As long as you create something that offers value of some sort, you can grow it

    > Nowadays, non-public figure are being urged to buy followers

    Buying followers is just an illusion of success, and tends to dilute down the quality of the community you’re creating. Start it small, get everything right, then keep pushing content and scale it up


    Have you heard the saying “less is more”?

    Most of those people with many followers don’t really have those many followers

    Look, they either “buy” or use growth techniques that bring numbers

    Numbers don’t matter, valuable numbers matter.

    1,000 true fans is better than 10,000 fans who follow you because others follow you.

    Less is more, slowly build a community of people who your content really helps.

    Content is the #1 way to grow, the type of content you create will determine your success or not success.


    There are definitely possibilities of growing on social media.

    As an example, you can look at some accounts on Instagram for companies, such as marketing101 or the stockx accounts. They don’t have a face, but they still are successful.

    If you are looking to grow as a person on Instagram without showing your face or being open in the public, you might want to choose a niche where you will be able to be kinda an expert and share your thoughts and tips. If you don’t have a niche where you can share insightful knowledge than make an account where you will say straight away – “I have no idea what marketing is, come on a journey of learning”


    Be a hot girl


    Absolutely. A “personal brand” is, in essence, a presentation of anything you’re involved in in life that you want to show off to the public. If it’s showcased in the right ways, then there will be a niche of interested people.


    Don’t be afraid to put money behind GOOD organic content to place it in front of your target audience.

    Not being willing to spend money on placing content is the biggest mistake I see.

    To me, this is not the same as “buying” followers, but I see people conflate the two. They think building a following should be 100% organic with no money spend. That’s a mistake against the backdrop of social media right now.

    Your biggest asset is your time, use money to multiply it. If that’s a buck a day then so be it.


    First things first : Buying followers never work because they are fake. They don’t like your posts or comment on them. They don’t even see them. “They” are bots and not real people. You get the idea.

    Yes it is possible to grow on social media even if you’re not a public figure. All you need is showcase something unique on your page. Travel a lot ? Post travel photos. Go to a gym ? Post workout videos/ gym tips, etc. There are a lot of things to do on social media,


    Engage with your audience. Reply to comments. Comment on your follower’s posts. Buying followers is a waste of money. A focus on engagement will help with organic growth, which is infinitely more valuable than a fabricated high follower count.


    Engagement pods and engagement groups.


    No need to buy followers. Being a public figure isn’t a related topic to SMM


    Definitely possible.

    I’m currently running a personal brand experiment and my following has been growing significantly week over the week. All organic.

    The trick is don’t chase a vanity number chase a community. The stronger the community the stronger the brand.


    You can write a bot that will bother other users. I think that’s how you grow when you buy followers

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