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    So I’ve been a freelance writer for years (mostly blog posts and news pieces) and recently found myself helping out my sister who works at a digital marketing agency as a social media manager. More specifically, I help her a lot these days with writing captions for her clients.

    She’ll tell me about posts that need to go up and I come up with captions for them as a favor. She recently commented about how I should write captions full time since I seem to enjoy them and I wanted to ask the professionals, is ‘caption writer for Instagram’ an actual job? Could I hypothetically approach an agency for this position?


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    Oh yes it is!! A quick Google search with caption writer autocompletes with Caption writer for Instagram 😁.

    I found ways of writing it but I tell ya, it’s my least favourite part of managing a social media account .😅

    The advent of tools like writersonic or have made it almost painless.

    Just list it as part of your services offered first, see the response you get. Are you on LinkedIn?


    Social media captions are absolutely a thing people hire writers for.

    I typically see people asking for (and writers providing) this service in conjunction with something else social media related. Or as part of virtual assistant services.

    Account management and paid social ads are both services you could learn fairly easily and add onto caption writing for a more complete offering.


    Yes! Copywriter for socials is the title 🙂


    So you are working for free doing work your sister gets paid for and the agency bills for? Et tu, sista?

    By “caption” do you mean “post”?


    Caption writer can also be called copywriter or social media copywriter.


    When it’s get more clients I am really going to partner up with a caption copy writer because that’s just a job in itself


    Yes. Lots of people want a SMM who can do it all–graphics and video as well as text. But there are still clients who create their own assets and just need the hashtags and captions added. IMO, the specialized caption-only work is a little harder to find, but not impossible.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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