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    We all know character limits are sparse in the Google Ads headlines and unfortunately my town has a lot of characters in it.

    Is it necessary, in your experience, to include the city title in the headline? Does it affect CTR?

    For example, someone Googles “plumber new york”, is it best practice to ensure your headline says “plumber new york” or is “plumber” sufficient?

    It’s probably the former, but the issue I am facing is that RSAs are hardly working due to the huge length of including my equivalent of “new york plumber”


    No u don’t need to include but if you are running ads for business which is geo target then having the city name will help boost CTR.

    Example .. xyz service southern california had a lot of character but using it as local lingo i.e. xyz service SoCal

    Xyz service north boulder has a lot of character but using it as local lingo i.e. xyz service NOBO

    This strategy will help boost business reputation because it’s such a local lingo and only locals use


    I personally find RSAs don’t choose the right combinations for the most part. We started doing strictly search text ads above average bidding to guarantee the message.


    You can always state your services in HL1 then use a location insertion for HL2. Something like..


    ABC Plumbing ServicesServing {LOCATION(City)}

    If your a plumber, I’m assuming you serve multiple areas, correct?

    If so, do you need to include your hometown for some other reason?




    Including the city name in your ads can help with CTRs and generally improve performance for search terms that include the city.

    One way to handle this is by including the city in ad groups that include city/location qualifiers in keywords.

    For searches that don’t include the city, any improved performance by including the city/location in creatives would probably be marginal.

    But like any campaign, you really need to test to see.


    If the city is in your keyword, you’d definitely want it in the headline as well.


    Try making the geo a second headline so it will aways fit.

    For example, [H1] “NY’s Honest Plumbers | [H2] Serving {City} | [H3]

    Something like that.

    Pin the geo to the 2nd position as well btw and test.


    Forget the RSA option and use dynamic insertion via sheets feed with expanded search ads. Not as straight forward but works great when done right. Tile installers Winter Park vs Tile installers Orlando. If im local to winter park im clicking the winter park Ad. The RSA option requires too many variables.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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