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    I’ve always worked with images because with my basic workflow it’s too time consuming to use clunky software to animate key frames then wait to render.

    So I recently started using Canva and found that you can quickly animate your designs.

    The animations that are available basically turn static designs into a video with sleek “ins” (fading, rise, wipe etc)

    Bear in mind that the animated version is literally the same content. Some text headers, a photo and some graphical elements.

    I’ve always read that video is always more engaging it performs better etc etc etc but surely that’s referring to high value video production.

    So my thought is, what do you think the difference in engagement will be between a static image, with an animated one?


    It’s hard to say which one would do better without comparing one to the other. A great quality image could be more engaging than a mediocre video. An annoying video can do more harm than good as well. Or one that is not align with the brand… like an overly funny or creative video when people just want to be told straight what you are selling, who it is for, and where to go next if they’re interested.

    The thing that I will say that makes video better than images is the ability to create custom audiences in Facebook for people who watch a certain amount of the video. Especially if you add in a lot of filtration elements in the video. I have a client that has a video on one of his landing pages (same strategy could work on an ad) and around the 1 minute mark, he specifically states something like “If you are currently NOT x, y, and z then this video may not be for you”


    I prefer images
    Facebook prefers videos


    You can make some pretty awesome videos with Canva. You can also upload your own video footage and add them in as a page.

    Animate it, add some elements, add some music and that’s it!

    I find those types of videos do better on FB/IG versus a cinematic and professional edit. My experience at least.

    I usually test both static and video ads within an ad set. Generally speaking, I find for bottom of funnel purchase campaigns, static ads tend to do better on average.

    Videos are great for top of funnel and creating something more worth engaging with which builds up your video views audience and you can retarget them from there.


    We have also made use of Canva in giving our posts a big boost in terms of making it as engaging as possible. And, indeed, it does. Usually, static images can only be appealing to an audience if it really has the qualities to be one, such as an attractive design that stands out. The animated ones, on the other hand, can almost automatically generate interest to any social media user, as most of them might consider clicking it back when the icons or images are moving or it has sleek transitions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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