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    Hi PPCers,

    I am Director of Growth at mid-cap health tech company and am hiring a mid-level digital marketing manager to join our media buying team. The focus will primarily be lead generation on a variety of digital ad platforms. We buy on all the usual ad platforms, as well as some more unusual sources that I generally don’t see much discussion about here (native ads and email ads in particular).

    We’re looking for someone with media buying chops first and foremost. Big plus if you know SQL or have other technical skills to bring to the table. Job description says 3-5 years but in reality all I care about is that you know your way around a few ad platforms, have a strong grasp of media buying fundamentals, and can prove it.

    This is NOT like an agency gig where you handle a handful accounts and primarily optimize from within the ad platforms. You’ll be optimizing in the ad platforms, but also bringing a wealth of backend data from our CRM and data warehouse to assist in your optimizations. You’ll also have to roll up your sleeves to work on landing pages, and evaluate, onboard and test new ad sources and marketing tools. You’ll also work closely with creatives and with data engineers. This is great role if you are looking to grow your skillset beyond non-stop campaign optimization.

    The company is based in the Bay Area, and in theory we’d like to hire locally for when the pandemic ends. That said, we will absolutely consider full-time remote for strong candidates. I myself am full-time remote.

    PM me if you’re interested, and I’ll shoot you the full JD with link to apply.


    Upvoted for visibility! Best of luck in your search! And may your post find someone looking for a job


    Good luck with your search! Upvoting too.


    Hi there! Please send me a PM


    I have sent you a PM with info that may be of some interest. Also up voting for visibility.


    Sounds like a good job, good luck.


    Good luck with your search!


    Now, THIS is a strong job posting. Well done.


    looks like a great option for any PPC expert out there.


    Hey hey, i am pretty sure I can handle this. Contact me if you are interested.

    Note: just to be straight forward from start, i am not from the USA and I will be able to work only remote.


    Sounds similar to where I’m at now. I find my current job to be very fulfilling and am guessing whoever gets this one will enjoy it as well. Good luck with your search and to all the applicants!


    Finally, a full time remote job posting. Congratulations for leading the rest of the employers out of their caves. Maybe they see the light. And good luck.


    I’m on the hunt! Please DM me. Living Alaska currently a PPC contractor.



    I am interested in this position. Please give me the link to apply!


    Hi! Interested in chatting, shoot me the link to apply. I am located in California as well.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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