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    I am part a grassroots, non-profit charity who is relying heavily on donations to achieve their goals.

    This is run by a handful of people, and sadly the marketing budget is virtually non-existent.

    I’m trying to think of the best way to increase exposure and gain a following, leading me to think of small(er) IG influencers, and to get a quote as to how much posting 1x ad would approximately cost.

    Where do you find these people? Scour Instagram and try to connect with them? Or does a more ‘centralised’ database exist or people willing to advertise?

    I have googled this but have only come across resources for large business with big budgets.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


    Tiktok is where u r going b g to find the best following for this type of project. U may not need influencers


    Its just like insta except itz video. And u can really capture ur audience and gain support for ur cause quickly. Just look for relevant hastags and like minded people. Share tag and participate as much as possible. The algorithm likes that. U can like ur own content and copy link to boost views. Set up as bis account so u can make $$ later on views


    They found me tbf… Some are jumped up in their own ego so id have a look at their posts ad see if it all about them or other products, good luck mate


    Networking and built relationship with them.


    To find micro-influencers, just start messaging the ones you think would fit your brand. The fewer followers they have the less polished they usually are, so they might not even have rates or a media kit just yet. Ask them for email or message them, and inquire about partnerships and rates for what you want (post or story). And start negotiating.

    You could invest in an influencer mgmt platform, I only have experience with Traackr, which I really like. Let’s you know their audience demographics and engagement rates. I also like to check to see if they’ve posted about our competitors ever before reaching out.

    I’m so curious if you could recoup the price of the influencer in donations esp if you’re new or grassroots.


    You build them yourself. Sometimes they find you like others have said. But most of the time there is usually in your network somebody already trying to build their social clout that you can lend them your platform to help achieve both your goals.

    Influencers out of your network don’t really give you that big of a permanent boost. You want people that could be in your network. And network theory you want super connectors otherwise known as influencers. Just remember that and don’t get tied down to the idea of influencers being young hip kids.

    They can be a good business owner, a mom, or a meme account.

    Any young kid with a large following without a vision or thought behind why they have a large following isn’t really worth it in my opinion.


    You can contact with on instagram by typing this username mranasabbas…


    Here are a few things I do to find influencers in my region:

    1. Go to local tourism pages/ local pages with large followings and look at photos they’ve been tagged in. A lot of influencers will tag large accounts hoping that their content will be re-shared, or that they will be seen by people looking through tagged photos.

    2. Go to popular local hashtags and look at the top posts. Influencers use popular hashtags to be seen by more people, and because of their large followings they will often show up in the “Top” section when you click on a hashtag.

    3. Go to your city/town/state geo-location and look at the top posts.

    4. When you find a few influencers, look through their comments. Influencers will often comment on one-another’s posts.

    I keep track of influencers by following them on Instagram, and I also keep a spreadsheet with a list of influencers in my area with data such as how many followers they have, what categories they fit into, location, contact info, etc.

    Hope that helps!


    Try Zfluence and On Campus Advertising! They have smaller, more dedicated groups


    People are pretty much nailing it. Find people who you think are a good fit or share similar values. Then just reach out to them. If they have an email in their bio email them. If not send a DM.

    The biggest things is making sure they share a similar value with your nonprofit and when you reach out be genuine with them.


    Good advice from a lot of people. Especially since you’re a non-profit charity, try to find people with good character/reputation that revolves around the industry. Some “influencers” are awful people and just want to make a buck, but I’ve developed relationships with some who just post for us because they like us.

    Personally, I don’t know if there is a lot of ROI if you’re dropping cash. Find hashtags for the demographic you’re reaching out to and see who is local to you. Any “influencer” from outside of your immediate geography is likely not worth spending any money on.

    Word of mouth is definitely key. Best of luck!


    Do you have budget for a platform? Grin, HYPR, Julius, IZEA all have a ton of Influencers in their directory to sort through by a variety of different filters.


    But what if your niche isn’t really one? For example, iPhone cases? I wouldn’t consider that a niche but I’m not sure about others. None the less, how could somebody find a influencer to partner with for advertising since phone cases seem to be sold by everyone?


    Search under niche hashtags or geotags if you are looking for local influenzers

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