If Instagram loses it’s mojo, will that mean a loss for jobs ?

Forum White Hat SEO Social Media If Instagram loses it’s mojo, will that mean a loss for jobs ?

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    Many people have turned to being social media influencers just because of Instagram’s popularity. Some people even make money those who are taking it professionally, and have the following. However I was wondering what if people get fed up of this addictive application and nobody uses it ? Happened with Facebook, BBM and so on. How many professional influencers here?


    Interesting topic.. Not just influencers, many businesses too are depending on instagram and facebook. But with their ads becoming more and more expensive, most small businesses will have to find other marketing options.

    But for influencers this may be tough. I’m seeing the big ones all have YouTube channels and are now going on tiktok too. But pretty sure instagram alone is more than half their income from sponsorships.

    If it will be redundant only time can tell.


    Yes but no. Shitty influencers and brands would lose a lot yes. But, the influencers who really have built a great connect with their followers would not get affected. Whatever platform they move to, their followers move with them.

    No matter how cringey, low quality, effortless your content is, if your audience vibes with you, no single platform can destroy you.

    Vine died, the influencers that had a decent hold on their audience made it big on Instagram/Youtube/Tiktok, others just got lost in the darkness, just like Vine.


    There’s other ways to do content marketing.

    When I first started I thought social media was required but I get better results blogging.


    People and businesses used to rely on the phone book too…those who adapt do will be fine. Instagram is getting lame though, but I can imagine the way Facebook morphs it’ll always do the same. Facebook had strange transitions also.


    Social media is a peculiar area of technology that seems to have very little stickiness amongst it’s users. It’s more generational.

    If you meant loss of jobs for content creators and their associates, then no. There will always be a social networking platform and influencers can easily switch to the newer platform and their followers would follow them anywhere.

    If you meant tech jobs, then maybe yes. Facebook and Instagram may become irrelevant soon and thousands of people who work on ad tech, infrastructure and data science for behavior modeling all might lose their jobs at FB, But they can always go to this new platform and build everything again. It’s a cycle.


    Does anyone know what may be next besides tik tok?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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