I need some Help with conversions, retargeting, and traffic.

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    Hi. I’m not an expert in marketing, and in fact I haven’t really done anything, but I’m trying to learn. I want to help a friend with his facebook ads for his online store, and I have a few questions. He has a pixel setup, and a good chunk of data. So far, I’ve setup a single campaign with 3 ad sets:

    Conversions: I created a custom audience with purchases from the last 30 days, initiate checkouts from the last 50 days, and add to carts from the last 100 days. I created a 6% lookalike of this, and used it for my audience. I added the original custom audience to the exclude section. I also enabled Detailed targeting Expansion, and typed a few keywords into detailed targeting.

    Retargeting: I created a custom audience of visitors from the last 50 days, and used that for the audience in the ad. I used purchases from the last 100 days for the exclusion. I have detailed targeting expansion on.

    Traffic: I made the goal of the ad view content conversions, and I used a 3% lookalike of the visitors from the last 100 days with purchases from the last 100 days as an exclusion. I enabled Detailed Targeting Expansion, and typed in to the Detailed Targeting basically the same keywords as my conversions ad set.

    The audiences are still “Pending”, but I’m basically getting no results. Facebook has used quite a bit of money, and I’ve had basically nothing from it. It just isn’t working out. I’d really really appreciate some help.

    Also, is there anything I should know about detailed targeting and detailed targeting expansion? When should I use it? Thanks!


    If I become you, I will make ONE campaign for ONE objective. Since you have 3 objectives (conversions, retargeting, traffic) I will make 3 campaigns.


    I would suggest you to stop the conversion campaign for a while, focus on traffic for now.

    As for Retargeting, in my opinion don’t create a lookalike audience, instead use people who actually visited the website in last 30 days or initiated checkouts, added to cart, or spend some time on your site. Now, this is just the backend part, for frontend you need to create good graphics, better than before and plant an offer in the ad to lure customers. Use friendly ad copies which offer a solution to the potential customers.

    For Traffic – Brainstorm with your friend, who will be your ideal customers and check out the data from the purchases to get the demographics of your existing customers. Combine them and add possible interests and try that audience. Have 3 separate ads with completely different audiences and see what’s getting the best results and invest more. You can start with the lowest amount possible.

    You can also try to upsell existing customers, create a separate ad for them, include some offers and see what happens.

    If lookalike is not working for you, stay away from it for another 3 months. Give Facebook more data to understand your audience and then you can try it again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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