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    I don’t use nor have any interest in Twitter, tiktok or Snapchat. I literally only use Facebook for the marketplace. I use Instagram but am trying to get away from it due to the algorithms and search bar that keep me on the app. My reasons for Instagram is for keeping in contact with some people, a place to share my photos and see what my favorite companies are up to. on Instagram it’s just friends who added me, I have under 50 followers, my account is private and I don’t use tags.

    I’m trying to get away from Instagram currently with Vero but unsure how much longer that may be around. I don’t care for the search tabs because even on Vero I don’t use it. I just want a place to share photos and videos between friends and family at good or better quality, a place to message others, isn’t addictive and algorithm based, has minimal or no ads preferably. Other than Vero, is there such a thing?

    I’m already deleting Facebook and just going with apps made for selling and buying. And I’m in the process of creating a discord server for friends to keep in touch, people to meet other people and to find events who don’t like social media.

    I’m in the USA if that matters and I use an iPhone and iPad


    Have you tried just texting pictures to your friends? I don’t mean to sound sarcastic (I mean I do a little) but you’re essentially asking for a SOCIAL MEDIA platform that is minimally social and doesn’t incorporate mass media. No platform like that exists because it would defeat the purpose of the platform itself.

    You could look into something like GroupMe. Good luck… I guess.


    interesting. i’m on the other side of the world and my use for platforms are as such:

    fb: for family/related boomers

    ig: millennials

    tw: for fellow industry peers

    linkedin: for colleagues/professional network

    reddit: for more refined thoughts/discussions

    i spend most of my time here of course. hardly any time for fluff. lol


    Sidenet is a minimalistic social network revolving around text messaging.


    Did you want to read or writing something?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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