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    I work for a small nonprofit that helps domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking victims. Unfortunately/fortunately we have had a couple of recent posts skyrocket in performance due to some local incidents. (Don’t worry, we’re connecting with them and trying to get them support.) For reference normally we get about 4 followers a day, and we’ve gotten around 50 in the past 12 hours. My question is how do I best take advantage of our recent momentum?

    I would also appreciate any tips you have for content we could do. We can’t show faces, identifying information, and a lot of stories are off limits. Right now my current idea is to provide a lot of content like the popular therapy pages, except ours would revolve around abuse. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks


    consistency from now on. just constantly posting your unique content. seeing what works


    Maybe reintroduce your organization and what you do, seeing as you have a lot of new faces. Also, running an ad at this time that excludes current followers might be a good way to reach people who have heard of you or seen the post but not yet followed.


    “Happy endings” of people who got out. You can’t tell current, traumatic stories, but maybe people who are better and are now living a happy life would be willing to share what they’re up to?

    But maybe don’t do it while your page is getting attention for stories of assault that made it to the news, it would be insensitive.


    You might want to look at it from another perspective: you found out what people want to interact with, now give them more of this. In this case: follow up on these cases, anything your organisation offers in connection to these cases and it might be time to invest some money and make a 2-3 videos to post soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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