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    In the past I’ve mostly used FB to prospect for conversions. Things have done OK but they could definitely be better, it’s definitely time to change up the strategy.

    I want to map a funnel / customer journey showing everything from cold audience to warm prospect to email sign up to hot lead to conversion not post purchase. Is there an easy way to map this out?

    I have a Shopify store, we design and sell our own products (no drop shipping), we’ve been around for several years but we’ve mostly focused on product development and wholesale. Wholesale (to retail stores) is what really drove our business. Our online sales have since overtaken that so now we really need to get ecomm marketing strategy ironed out.

    Thanks for any advice on how to best map this either on paper or with a software tool.


    Have you tried reading on drip marketing? Normal flowcharts just work as fine, it’s the logic that’s in them that matters


    Any flowchart tool will get the job done. Some marketing specific software would be Geru or Funnelytics.

    And I 2nd the drip campaigns.


    Mindomo is a decent tool for charting funnels: [](

    There’s free and paid versions, haven’t hit a paywall yet.


    I second u/boricuajj on using the flowchart tool. I use []( for that type of stuff.

    *That said and you may not like my side comment but,*

    I find other clients I have talked to who try to overtake their dealers campaigns (if there selling to them) can really piss some people off so you may be put in a position at some point of whom you want to serve and do you want to fully go direct to consumer at some point.

    Just giving you this information as it might be good to think about it now before doing your long term plans.

    Not saying I wouldn’t go direct to consumer, in fact its actually far preferable if you ask me, its just usually not taken well by whom else your selling with and may be forced to pick one or the other at some point if your distributors are not only off the offline type if you know what I mean.

    It’s also why dealer ‘territories’ have been around for so long in the offline world for pretty much this same exact reason.




    geru , best way for u i think . check up.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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