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    *“People love to buy, but hate to be sold” — anonymous*

    A lack of engagement on brand/business pages is one of the most common problems business owners face on Instagram and this problem is one with a simple solution.

    Poor engagement on a business page is associated with poor content and lack of posting consistency, people don’t want to see your beautiful product shots every time, and people don’t want to engage on offer posts or posts to make your page look pleasing when it offers no value.

    You need to understand people are on social media for three major reasons, they want to:

    — Be entertained

    — Learn something new

    — Feel good about themselves

    Publishing content that people want to see is the first step to building relationships that’ll improve your engagement and help you sell in the future, remember people love to buy but hate to be sold.

    When people visit your Instagram profile they’re not thinking about how to make you rich or make your brand popular, they’re thinking “what’s in it for me”

    No one cares about you or your fancy product shoots if it doesn’t benefit them, remember this.

    So what’s the 80/20 content method, and how will this help you get more engagement and sales by building relationships through engaging content?

    Let’s discuss it

    What Is The 80/20 Content Method

    This content method is created around the concept that the value you provide through educational, emotional, or entertaining content should be more than the sales related messages you post.

    You may not need to do 80 value posts and 20 sales posts, you can do 60/40 or 70/30 but remember there should be more engaging content on your feed than sales content.

    How To Create And Execute The 80/20 Content Plan

    Creating a plan for this content model is quite simple and can be done in 5 major steps.

    STEP 1: Identify what your followers want to see (usually emotional, educational, and entertaining ccontent

    STEP 2: Spy on your competitor’s and see the content that performs the best (read my post on account spying with Vurku)

    STEP 3: Recreate viral content seen on competitor’s accounts

    STEP 4: Reach out to a few competitors and ask to share their content while they share yours, this works great and most people will agree, it is also a good way to grow through a shoutout for shoutout type agreement.

    STEP 5: Create a new layout for your brand, this can be 2 or 3 engaging posts and 1 sales post arranged in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing.

    STEP 6: Avoid being random, post memes or how to content according to the layout of your account.

    REMEMBER: Avoid being random as you want to execute the 80/20 strategy without appearing spammy.

    NOTE: Memes, emotional quotes, and how-to content perform the best.

    This content model also increases the number of content you can create and this means you’ll have more content to post consistently (posting 3 times a week doesn’t help you, post every day).

    I hope a few brand owners find this post helpful and are able to build relationships with their audience through engaging content.

    Got questions? wWillbe happy to answer in the comments 🌈


    Sorry but brand fit is more important than meme and quote posts, that doesn’t provide value for any customer.

    Also stop with this vanity metrics, it is not important how many likes or comments your posts create…


    I’ve been trying to step up my ig game for a couple of brands I work with. This made a lot of sense to me and I will be testing to see if the numbers get better. Thank you so much!


    Instagram has quite the audience and it all depends on how you research the target audience. The audience no longer wants to read boring posts or simple images. I prefer going for short animation that can create create engagement. How many post you do everyday?


    “Memes, emotional quotes, and how-to content perform the best”

    That’s only the case if you want to build an audience that likes memes, emotional quotes and how-to content. It’s not a great strategy for every brand (though often, well-done industry-specific memes tend to have pretty universal appeal).


    I’m finding it tough. I sell vintage clothes have almost 2k followers, I get quite low engagement whereas I know similar accounts who have amazing engagement and around the same amount of followers. I don’t really know what I’m not doing that they are, that they’ve built these armies of supporters that comment alot etc. One account in particular is only about two months old and has yet to sell anything but generates so much engagement on her posts.


    You can also do a giveaway through me on twitter at @yourtimeinneed and gain followers

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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