How to grow Facebook page by using Jokes & memes?

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    For the past two weeks, I started running a Facebook Page of a WebDev Tool. It is a tool that helps to build Responsive Webpage with 10x faster speed than the usual tool.

    To be honest, the function of this tool is very specific, so it is hard to grow the audience on the page. I struggled at first, not sure what kind of content could catch attention or attract new users. I went through some communities on Facebook looking for references. When I came across a group called [Programming Jokes], I notice there’s a high number of potential users, and most of the post has positive reactions.

    At this moment, an idea popped up in my head.

    ‘Instead of sharing some WebDev knowledge through article writing, why don’t I create some “Programming Jokes”, based on the concept [Responsive Webpage] instead?’ I thought to myself.

    Then I started searching for some interesting photos from the internet, mostly on Instagram. And based on the photos, I tried to connect the scene with the topic [Responsive Webpage] (This is the hardest part). After that, I throw the photos into Image Editor and add some caption as all the other memes do. Export it, share it on the Facebook Page, use my personal account to share it on several communities. Now, the most anxiety part, wait for the results.

    When the next day I check on the insight of the post. Boom! surprisingly, it works! In comparison, the usual post on our Facebook Page only hits around 100 numbers of reached. But with the Jokes I share, it hits 20k just within one day.

    With this positive reaction, I started to create this kind of joke consistently, and the results are always more than expected. At the same moment, the page’s Like number starting to grow as well. Before doing this Jokes’ series, the page only has an average of 3–5 likes per week. But now it hits 25–30 per day! In conclusion, the growth of the Posts LIKE is around 80%, and the Page LIKE grow over 200%.

    If you’re also managing a Social Media page, and seeking for page growth, you should definitely give this method a try. Try to make things creative and funny, especially tech products are sometimes serious and unattractive to people, you might be prominent with just a simple idea.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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