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    Hello, I have started to work as SEO consultant, I got one client and had been working with him. But, his budget was way too small, so he couldn’t implement everything we should. Still they followed whatever they could and there is rise in their website trafffic.

    I am looking forward for high paying clients. But, I don’t have much to show as portfolio. Could you guys offer your advice on finding new clients for SEO service that would pay well ?


    Gotta show value.

    There’s certs out there that can help

    If you haven’t worked for anyone in that role before I’d recommend trying to work for people in that role for a few years before striking out on your own.

    It helps to have a bit of a network and some social proof that you know what you’re doing.

    You could also start a blog and get it highly ranked on Google. That would be impressive to someone who would evaluate the ROI of hiring an outside SEO person vs hiring their own.

    In general big companies, well paying ones, I would think would prefer to keep their SEO person in house


    Get a professional agency business website with a solid portfolio, if you don’t have this, it should be your first step, then buff up your social media including Linkedin profiles, GMB, etc… Finally, make sure you have real legit reviews. How do you accomplish this without having a client first? you offer your services for free. Once you’ve done this, it will make you look more credible as a business, and people will be more willing to perhaps engage in business with you.


    As you have started as an SEO consultant. I hope you may be having your own website, If not create a website for your business. Do SEO for your site and rank for the keywords for which people are searching for SEO services. It will also prove your credibility in ranking on the search engine. If you are not able to rank your own website then don’t expect to get clients.

    In the portfolio, you can mention your own website results. There are many people who are looking for genuine results.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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