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    First off, do not comment or DM replies to this post. I will be posting a r/forhire for that.

    I’m considering hiring a backlink specialist. I have researched it a little and there are many different kinds. Some charge flat fee for outreach. Others charge per link and DA.

    1. Is it common for the backlink specialist to include the content (article) with the link? I’m a bit concerned about the quality of the article.
    2. I am guessing I have to double check the quality of the backlink. Do they provide the backlink opportunity, I verify, and then go ahead?
    3. What am I missing?

    I’m in a fairly competitive niche fwiw. I have my own writers and artists so its conceivable I provide the content.


    We trust the guys who manage this for us. Hear your issue and I guess you need to try it out first and then if you trust them enough let them get on with building the backlinks. In terms of charging there are so many price plans that people charge so you have to find which one works for your business


    We have an executive assistant/project manager who handles all of the outreach for us at $30 an hour. We have an amazing content team that handles the writing. We use several different tools to manage the communication. Also, we have someone who handles our HARO outreach and we pay them per link they acquire.

    You should have an outline of what type of links you want, metrics, traffic… for anyone you hire. Then you should double check those links, as you do that, your link builder will get better and better.


    Typically you just call this a public relations position. They manage mass communication to your network of news sources / blogs.


    What for do u need such links? Get trust/gain high positions or conversions?
    So, the approach is different.
    For ex: If you product hq content for to be placed on 5th level of some site, and somebody tells you that you are on the right way and after a time it will give you some benefits, i am afraid, i will disappoint you)


    Just wanted to add, especially for anyone new reading this, this type of link building goes against Google’s guidelines.

    Years ago link building like this still against the guidelines but worked for many sites.

    Today, Google is good at ignoring most link building that’s made with the sole intention of increasing rankings. And in some cases if it’s really extreme you can still get a penalty. But for the most part if you are building your own links it’s a waste of time and money.

    The exception is really good PR. If you work with an SEO company or PR firm that can help you get mentioned in the types of places real humans actually read and find the mention valuable, these links can improve PageRank and also improve entity associations which leads to better EAT.

    That type of link acquisition is difficult and expensive and for some sites (unknown, nothing much of value to offer), close to impossible.

    Gone are the days where we can take a website that doesn’t deserve to rank and make it rank by doing cheap easy link building.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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