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    Surely they are true masters of SEO to be able to work so efficiently that they can keep their prices so low!

    A client that I’ve built a website for is wondering how much I charge for SEO and forwarded me an email she received from a company, to “…help with your pricing…” stating following:


    >**We are offering $75/month SEO packages for 20 keywords**. We are an India based company and offer SEO services in which we make sure that your website gets ranked in search engines like Google for your business keywords. Your website will show up in Google top results and thus you will get traffic and sales. We guarantee that you will see Google ranking improvement from the first month. You will get weekly and monthly work reports regularly.
    **We will provide you the following:**
    · Keywords Research
    · Initial Technical SEO Analysis
    · Competitor Analysis
    · Google Analytics Setup
    · Google Webmaster Setup
    · XML Sitemap Implementation
    · HTML Sitemap Implementation
    · Meta Tags Analysis and Optimization
    · Navigational Structure Optimization
    · New SEO Pages Creation (if required)
    · New SEO Pages Optimization
    · Heading Tag Analysis and Optimization
    · Image Optimization
    · Keywords mapping
    · Canonical Issue Check
    · Content Optimization
    · Internal linking Optimization
    · Optimization of HTML Source Code
    · Anchor Text Optimization
    · 20 Search Engine Submissions
    · 25 Manually Directory Submissions
    · 10 Article Submissions (2 Article Submit in 5 Top Article Sites)
    · 5 Press Release Distributions (1 Press Release submit in 5 Sites)
    · 5 Web2.0/Blog postings (Using pre-written articles)
    · 20 Social Bookmarking Submissions
    · 5 Classified ad submissions
    · 2 Unique Article writing (400+ words)
    · 1 Press Release writing (350+ words)
    · 1 Blog Creations
    · 1 Video Creation
    · Video Submissions
    · Image Submissions
    · Using a social network for marketing
    · Social Page creation on Facebook
    · Social Page Creation on Twitter
    · Review Posting on top Sites
    **Please let me know if you are interested.**

    How in the world am i supposed to compete with these legends?!

    Alight alright, i say this tongue in cheek, but seriously, how do i go about telling her that i’m going to be offering her LESS, for more than 4-5 times the price of what these guys are charging?


    What company in India is this


    I have these questions from clients all the time. Its an issue. I usually ask them about their business and what makes them different to outsourced or budget providers. Educating them on what work needs to take place, how long it takes to get done, and why they want someone who knows the local market.

    The best response I’ve had from a business when asked all of this is something I now use myself: those outsource providers seem cheap until you start paying for their mistakes.


    Competing on price is just a race to the bottom. It’s a race that you won’t win, which honestly is for the best if you ask me.

    Compete on quality instead, which shouldn’t be hard if you look at their writing.


    An alternative take – don’t try and compete with them. Let them be in their own category.

    I don’t want to generalise and feed into the stereotype that every Indian SEO is garbage, but the reality is that we all know the level of quality with a local SEO vastly outweighs outsourcing.

    If they want to be strict and spend $75 a month, let them get $75 of value for a month. Every company promises the same thing, but to the unknowing client, you can ignore doing those first 20 things on their checklist and they wouldn’t have a clue.

    Don’t forget as well, content plays a huge role to good rankings. As much as I respect people who learn English as a second language, being native tongue gives you a huge competitive edge.

    Sell them on the idea of quality. Sell them on the idea of being local, being timely, being responsive and being qualified. Know your worth – if your client doesn’t want to pay any more than that, find someone who will, even if it takes you twice as long.


    Ask them if their business is only worth $75 a month to them. If they say yes then tell them to go with the Indian company.


    1. **Improve** Your Website Loading Speed.
    2. Get Your Site Inside of Featured Snippets.
    3. **Improve** Dwell Time With This Simple Step.
    4. Use Sitelinks.
    5. Create Linkable Assets.
    6. Target Keywords With High Commercial Intent.
    7. Grab More SERP Real Estate.
    8. Rank for “Topic + Statistics” Keywords.


    Be honest – explain to them it is only a scam and it will harm their SEO position. And that in exchange for paying them $75 your client will give them all their logins and access to all their Google, Twitter, Instagram and any other media account they might have; and they will fork over their credit card number.

    The writing they will give you is 100% plagiarized, the language structure they will use is Hindi-glish, and the damage they can – and will – do might be almost unrecoverable.

    A scam is a scam is a scam. Learn how to recognize them.


    I tell everyone that if they can find ME at a better price I’ll match it. But I know my experience from owning and operating retail businesses makes my grasp of UX and post SEO more valuable than some cheapo SEO service.

    Know your worth as others have said and once they see your operating levels hopefully they will realise why you are priced your way.

    In truth, growth companies that want to win in search have people doing SEO every minute of the day. That means they spend thousands every month, not $75. As if Cadabra (former name of Amazon) got big using a service like that.

    Sadly some want to feel like they have ticked the box of doing SEO, even if it does nothing for them.

    I would often tell people to check out the $75 service and then come back to me if they are unsatisfied. These days I focus on clients who want to invest in their business, not in delusion.

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