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    Hi! I have an associate of arts with the majority of my classes focused on Accounting. My work history has also been coordinator-level but in the finance industry. However, I want to break into a Social Media role (even at a very entry-level) to pivot my career. Due to Covid, finances, and my desire to get the ball rolling- I don’t want to wait another 2+ years to start this. Right now my resume is obviously very finance focused, and I have tried to massage it to sound more “communications” savvy, but I am clearly lacking SM experience.

    Is there an affordable certification course, or a free one that is actually worth it?

    I am interested in taking: Google Analytics (free), Twitter Flight Program (free), Facebook Blueprint ($150 for the cert), and getting a free month of LinkedIn Premium so I can take some LI Learning courses in SEO or SM Fundemantals.

    I have also been playing around with Lightroom to get some content creation experience. Thinking about finding small, local companies and creating some free content for them just to have some sort of portfolio and if they share it on their platform even better.

    Pls no depressing “not gonna happen” answers. I am aware its a long-shot but ya gotta have hope or this year is just too damn depressing. I feel that even without a degree, with some hustle there’s always a way to make something happen. At least get my foot in the door while I figure out going back to school in 20201.

    Thank you in advance! Any input appreciated!!! xoxo


    Hey there.

    10+ years in performance media. Managing budgets of 15m per annum.

    If i was hiring, i would opt for experience than qualifications. Try and find an internship somewhere or learn the basics via youtube and fiddle around with a few dollars of your own money (you can start with $5.)

    The blueprint is nice and honestly google certs are good to have but nothing beats in platform experience.

    You know what would really make you stand out for social? Grow your own channel. Whether thats twitter, fb or ig (or tiktok) that just shows innate understanding of content that works, keyword research, time of day analysis. That’ll set you worlds apart from someone with 10 qualifications.

    Good luck!

    Forgot to mention: media doesnt care what background you have. One of the smartest people i know in media has a degree in philosophy. It doesnt matter.


    Udemy has some cheap but good courses. Definitely recommend getting really good with one platform, like instagram, so you can really pitch the best practices of that channel


    Experience > certs, networking and knowing people is king when it comes to getting jobs. Meet owners and ask to do their socials.


    Not working in social media but interested to pivot as well. Some things I’ve listed down:

    – Applying for the social media volunteer post posted on LinkedIn and will try to look for same opportunities.
    – Enroll in LI learning learning paths. By the way, I get free access using my library card! You should check your library!
    – Talk to friends who run small businesses and see if they need social media help.

    Good luck!


    If you’re looking for a good case study/internship of sorts to grow and learn with, I have a perfect idea for you! 🙂 Happy to help. Just shoot me a chat.


    I am looking for a social media intern. Please DM me!


    I’m like you but I have experience I worked with many businesses and I learn from courses I get experience now I have my own business and I work hourly social media marketing is a best niche to work in .


    You might also consider reaching out to nonprofit groups. A lot of them are short staffed and may not have someone dedicated to social either generally or as part of a campaign.

    Volunteer to gain experience and run one of their social media accounts. You could then use these accounts as a portfolio when applying for full-time jobs.


    Hi: Do you have active social media channels? how’s your Instagram? TikTok Tok? Twitter? if you’re looking for a content creation role then its worthwhile to create content


    My advice is do two things:

    1) Start something of your own. Get doing social for yourself or a friend or reach out to an influencer. Anything to get some credibility and real world experience. There’s a difference between reading and taking courses and actual hands on experience.

    2) The certifications you outlined (for the most part) are good. I wouldn’t pay for courses from third parties (ie not the platforms). Facebook Blueprint is a great place to start. TBH – If you’re FB certified and can actually run ads you should be able to get a job. It’s in high demand.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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