How soon is too soon to start link building?

Forum White Hat SEO How soon is too soon to start link building?

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    Pretty much what the title says. Would it be advisable to start link building in the first month? If not how long should one wait for a new website?


    As soon as you contribute value to the internet and have built strong enough content for others to bother linking to yours that can help them expand their own value creation.


    You should start once your content is in place for maximum efficiency.


    I don’t know why so many people bother about link building that much. I’ve been lucky to be part of some great blogging projects and never have I ever spent time worrying about where to get my next backlink from.

    I usually focus only on the content and it’s promotion. And most of the time, the content gets backlink by itself if it’s good enough.

    One tactic that has helped me generate a lot of backlinks is to have a lot of original stats, researchs and studies in my content so that when people use those stats, they link to my content.

    It has been proved in various studies that blogs with more facts get more backlinks.

    I would advise, putting a lot of valuable content on the website then going to various forums and genuinely helping out people who can benefit from that content.

    With time you’ll see your website gaining traction and generating backlinks on its own.




    You need to define “link building” :)?

    If it means buying links one way or another, take it easy initially.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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