How SEO experts are getting thousands of high quality backlinks?

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    Hi everyone, i’m new in this community. Recently i was learning SEO. But in the middle i realised that google algorithm update changes many SEO factors. There were lot of do Follow backlinks techniques such as profile creation, citation etc used to work properly few years back but those things doesn’t work anymore even most of em become “no Follow”. I have seen many peoples are talking about guest blogging, Email outreach, looking for broken/dead links opportunity for high quality backlinks!
    But It’s still confusing to me, how they’re getting so many backlinks from websites DA score 70+. It sounds mysterious to me that’s why i would love hear opinions from experienced / expert people.
    Again, if I’m starting new website then how i should approach for high quality backlinks and if any clients ask for high quality backlinks from websites with high DA! How will i manage to get those high quality backlinks and maintain other factor to rank website faster and properly??


    If you have a established blog it is easier to get backlinks. If you a big site you can get backlinks by ranking on top spot


    if you are starting now, first make sure your technical seo and onpage seo is on point, you have all the keywords grouped and all the pages are optimized as per their seed and relevant phrase. Allocate a budget for getting links back to your site, now don’t go bonkers on creating profile, comment and other grey/ black hat links directly to your website. And you don’t certainly need a DA 70 backlinks poitning back to your site it’s not about authority its more about relevant traffic. If you are getting a link from DA 70 whose niche doesnt matches with yours and its just for the sake it wont help us but instead if a similar link was acquired from a DA23 site which has 7k organic traffic from the same niche you are trying to do seo for it will do you some good.

    Now if you are starting out you won’t be having such huge budget to spend so get a couple backlinks that are highly relevant and start to work on tiers to power them up.




    Thank you for your valuable content. High quality backlink get Is very though this day


    all already has in Top, use free Ahrefs backlink checker to find your competitior’s links and will try to make the same


    “SEO experts”? There is no one unless the Google developer who codes the search algo comes forward.


    High DA does not automatically mean high quality


    They hire PR firms.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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