How much time does a blog take to rank ??

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    Hi there

    I’ve started an Amazon affiliate site in May 2020 end.

    Currently, my site has 30 pages (made with silo structure)

    DA : 7
    I am posting twice a week

    In search console, the blog is ranking for 120 keywords and the average position is 65.2

    What should I do ??


    1. Modify your best performing content (best-performing keywords in search and have significant traffic) and make it better than the top content in search for your keywords. If it’s really useful, you will be placed at the top 10 in search result regardless of your domain authority. And if the CTR is strong (bounce rate low), you will be surprised how you can even make it to the top 3. Make sure your meta Title is catchy for search. I would always emphasise in quality instead of quantity unless you do your research well in finding the least competitive keyword
    2. Use SEO tool like ahrefs to find out what other keywords your top competitors are ranking for, and make sure you have those keywords in too and find out which website they get links from so you can focus on getting it from them too


    between 3 to 4 month

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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