How Much does a Seo gets paid in the USA?

Forum White Hat SEO How Much does a Seo gets paid in the USA?

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    Hello r/seo I hope you are placing well!
    I’m a seo in seo I’m Spain with over 2 years of experience in seo and 7 years of experience as social media specialist.
    I’m thinking about moving to USA, I know the process is hard and I don’t expect it to happen soon.
    Anyhow I was wondering how much a seo gets paid in the states! Here in Spain a seo with my experience gets paid between 25k-40k per year but it’s way cheaper to live here.
    Thank you for your time


    I don’t know if you can get an HB1 for SEO unless you have a lot of talent.

    The pay depends in location and skill sets. $40-90k per year in Southern California.


    SEO Specialist Salaries

    Job Title Salary

    []( SEO Specialist salaries – $32,788/yr

    L2TMedia SEO Specialist salaries – $41,232/yr

    G/O Digital SEO Specialist salaries – $37,829/yr


    Don’t forget to factor in other costs in the US vs Spain along with salary base price.

    For example, state taxes, federal taxes, health insurance, dental insurance, eye insurance, paid time off (if applicable), retirement savings (depending how long you planned to live in the US), etc.

    Unfortunately it’s incredibly difficult to compare apples to apples because each of those can vary widely.


    Here’s what I struggle to understand….if you’ve got SEO skills, why work for a fixed salary?
    Why wouldn’t you just make your own living online using your skills…

    Affiliate marketing, Email list building, E-commerce, or local lead generation like I do…I’ve made 10X what I’d ever make in a 9-5 job by doing my own shop using my SEO skills.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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