How many internal links is too many for an article?

Forum White Hat SEO How many internal links is too many for an article?

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    I try to internal link blog posts on relevant anchor text to supporting product pages.

    Let’s call it a 1000 word blog post.

    Typically 2 links toward the top of the article, 1 center, 1 bottom. Never more than one in the same sentence or paragraph.

    Then, below the article, there’s the cluster of 5 or so links pointing to ‘related posts.’

    Is this too many or too little, in your opinion? I know there’s no definitive answer out there just curious what others do.

    Also, how important is it to then go to those product pages and find ways to link back to the blog post? Pretty much always do this if you can?


    I think your method is fine. As long as it’s relevant it should be fine. Think news websites.


    IMO it’s totally fine. I don’t know if there is a official guideline for this but I think if it’s okay for the user than everything is fine for Google.
    Other thing is where you want to drive traffic to. If there are too many links, the internal link juice is to wide. For my side I always think that the user should be really interested in about 3 links which a highly related.


    As long as your links are useful for your users, it’s okay. There used to be a rule of no more than **100 links** on a page in the Google Webmaster Guidelines, they’ve removed that rule though. **100 links** might seem like a lot if your site is a content site.


    Personally, I link out pretty generously. Think 10-15 outbound links to high authority sites, or sites Google views favorably. I don’t count Internal links.

    I’ve found that putting in lots of links to highly regarded sites actually helps my content a lot and makes it a lot easier to rank.


    There’s no too many. A lot of internal links tells Google that page of yours is important relative to the other pages on your site. Much external linkjuice you get will thus also go to that page, nothing more to it

    It might appear under the shortcuts in the SERPs when people search for your website, and so on. That page will become stronger relative to the other pages on your site, so if it is that important it is that important, internal link as you see fit. It might end up being considered more important than your startpage when people search for your brand if that is what you want, so completely up to you and what you want


    I link whenever there’s an article explaining a term/topic in more detail, while explaining it within the current article would make it too long. In other words: links are intended to help the reader, not for their own sake.


    Depends on how much value they bring. I once wanted to know how people are spamming/marketing to lots of people on IG. This guy on medium linked to allllll his articles and each one was a very solid resource so I just kept going down rabbit holes and ended up bookmarking everything haha.


    Each link drains the authority. Do only one if you want all the authority the page accrues passed on to only one page. Make sure the LINK TEXT on the linking page is the key term you are trying to get ranked up on the target page. If you want to link back to the linking page then use a “nofollow” to make sure the juice doesn’t flow backwards.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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