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    Hello to everyone! I hope you’re all staying healthy in these tough times.

    I started my website []( on 22.02.2020. After around 5 and a half months I see no organic traffic, on average 1 visitor a day! During this period of time, I wrote around 23 articles with around 1200 words each. I focused on long-tail keywords so that I can avoid most of the competition, but even that didn’t work well.

    I checked the site speed and it’s above average so I don’t think that would be a problem.99% of the posts on my website are all informational because I avoided “Your money or your life posts”. I haven’t done any backlinking strategies simply because I don’t like artificial linkings, and I would like to get them naturally.

    I know that the content is not significant, but it’s really hard to stay motivated when you get 1 or 2 visitors a day. As a niche site that is strictly focused on helping people deal with laziness, I don’t see much of a competition.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I have no previous experience with blogs so everything that you can share will help me a lot. Is this a normal thing for new websites or I’m doing something terribly wrong?


    EDIT 1: Huge thanks to the Reddit SEO community. I never expected so much engagement from so many people, thanks for all the constructive criticism and advices.



    Are you posting links to your articles on relevant platforms?

    Anti-laziness is big on LinkedIn, Medium and some FB groups.

    Traffic doesn’t just magically appear, you need to let users know you exist, and Google understand the relevancy and context of your content, and how people interact with it.


    I’m afraid no one searches for the keywords you are targeting. Do you check the search volume before targeting a keword? Or at least see the keyword in google autosuggetions?


    I’m confused by the structure of your site. Are your posts categorized? Are you using internal links?


    Improve your image loading times. They wouldn’t load on mobile.

    Change your font to common one. Sorry, it’s distracting.

    Add call to actions at the middle and bottom of your posts.

    Add internal linking in your posts.

    Reduce the amount of related posts to 3.

    Add a strong call to action on your home page.. featured post for example.

    Remove the footer credit. It has negative effects for search engines.

    Hope it helps!


    >I haven’t done any backlinking strategies simply because I don’t like artificial linkings, and I would like to get them naturally.

    This is the main problem. I haven’t heard of anybody starting up and getting “natural” links without actively promoting their website. Famous Internet marketers suggest spending 80% of your time marketing your site, and only 20% for producing it. And those are professional marketers, which means they are really effective with their showcasing. It’s a shouting competition out there. Without being “spammy”.

    Even the biggest companies spend inordinate amounts of money sponsoring bloggers for coverage and backlinks.

    In sum I can say that for a standard site, the ranking of it is pretty much a direct translation of the amount of promotion behind it. Quality? Ahhhh, no. This matters surprisingly little. The signals search engines look at for determining quality depend in its entirety on marketing efforts.

    Edit: Search engines look for similarities when estimating quality. They for instance estimate how similar your site is to e.g. New York Times. If traits are similar, that’s a good signal. I would add more outbound links to your posts. I think that will influence positively on your ranking. People like links. When you’re recommending apps for instance, it’s helpful to have a direct link to Appstore. Also, a commenting feature is useful.


    I launch my website 21.12.2019. Now I have 40 articles and 40-60 visitors daily. Articles 3000-7000 letters. I write 3-5 posts per month, unique content (texts), some images also not from stocks. Following Yoast Seo tips e.t.c. Not really popular niche, bass guitars, bassists, jazz music…
    Wish you luck, keep working!




    All I read of your content is your page: “Change your lazy lifestyle with these 9 simple tips”. How many times are you going to say “lazy lifestyle”! It’s irritating to read, you’re keyword stuffing. Google will not rank a page like this. Write for users and not search engines.

    The header needs work. There is no design, no tag line below the “lazywise” heading. Why not say “The most laziest site on the web”. And put some content in the sidebar. The design of your content is good but the actual words are not.

    Such wasted potential is annoying. The niche could be so good but you’re letting it down.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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