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    So, from what I have learned throughout my 2 months of studying SEO as much as possible, it can take anywhere from 1-6 months to notice notable improvements/results in terms of rankings.

    But how long does it take to notice results on a micro scale?

    For example, take a relatively new website that receives ZERO units of traffic each week and ranks for ZERO keywords.

    Lets say the website releases it’s first blog targeting a low competition keyword, and the content in the blog is FAR superior to the top 10 pages on the SERP for that specific keyword. Google determines whether or not the content is good enough to rank on the first page, but for the sake of this example lets assume that the blog WILL rank on the first page.

    How long does it take for this to happen? Does it take weeks or months for google to recognize this new content and place it on the first page? Does it happen immediately?

    Thank you for your input.


    From my experience, you’ll find it difficult to rank with little to no content.

    However, I have personally built a site with a huge amount of competition and only three pages.
    It was designed to capture guest posters.

    It ranked #3 for the term after a week.

    But, I did EVERYTHING. Optimised every single paragraph, meta, images, everything was analysed through semantic alternatives in keywords, to using the two other pages as conversion landing pages.

    The site had maybe 1000 words in total.

    So, it’s possible to rank quickly. You just need to really really optimise and analyse your competition.


    In my experience it’s taking approximately 3 months for any article to gain results.

    However, this could be very dependent on the site. As an example, a brand new domain could take longer for Google to trust it.


    So I’m testing this right now.

    I have a site

    It’s a project to test this

    I post

    I tweet that I’ve posted with a link

    I then make a podcast and link in the blog in the podcast description

    I then add the podcast to the blog.

    Update the RSS feed.

    That’s it.

    I have a couple of blogs that rank on page 1 for terms that have some semblance of traffic.

    I have not been rigorously on top of it.

    I actually noticed a spelling error earlier that I meant to change and now I’ve mentioned the site I’m going to get merked for that typo

    But my goal was to do one blog a week for a year on it and see if it gets any type of traffic

    I will then go over and improve content, add to it etc.

    But I wanted to test something with no real off page work.

    Oh I’ve added Google business also.

    But that is it.

    And I’ve only done four of the podcasts so far, I’m doing them once a page gets into the 100 index and when I can be bothered.

    But it’s niche as they come.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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