How is he doing this?

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    They don’t allow numbers to be published..Their API is suppose to be private…
    []( This sais pretty scary stuff, when I read it I suddenly remember Trump wanted to ban it….
    For past 2 weeks I’ve been looking for a outside written API in Python, nothing comes close to what he has. I don’t know what service he’s using. So I research Tik Tok Influecer bots etc instead of trying to get one made on fiverr, they promise you can target the followers of popular accounts, how? it doesnt let you publically look at them….Anyones and makes it hard to look at your own…So I look up a few services none of them offer to give Tok users number publically, but some of them promise to be able to target a users follower base… It’s then also mingled in with the term (List of influencers to pay), although there are influencers you can contact then pay to promote a social media post, I believe something else is going on.

    The only thing I can think of is these site owners have access to a list of compromised Tik Tok Accounts aka all of them a database. And since TIKTOK is foreign, it’s not violating any immediate laws even though within their own TOS sais no scraping of accounts…

    With information like that can be literally crazy for a marketer’s wet dream to target someones FB account knowing the niche they gravitate toward every day.

    Does anyone have an idea how this guy is doing that?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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