How important are LSI keywords? And best tool to find them?

Forum White Hat SEO How important are LSI keywords? And best tool to find them?

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    I would like to know what do you think about LSI keywords, and which tool do you use to find them.

    Basically I learned this concept few days ago and Im thinking to enrich my blog posts with those keywords and see if it improves my ranking, do you think does it worths the effort?

    Also I found this tool to find those LSI keywords, the tool is:

    Do you use this tool or any other in particular? Thank you!


    Its useful in a sense that you dont need to use the exact keywords to rank for them sometimes and a single page can rank for thousands of different keywords all related to each other.

    As far as LSI tools go, feel free to use them for research purposes but Google has confirm that they in fact dont use LSI but im sure they have a similar more sophisticates algorithm plus access to billions of queries to how the users interact with them to make this connections.


    LSI will play an even bigger role but has been around for some time now. Essentially all LSI “keywords” are is Google’s way to naturally see if a website has been built to cover a topic authoritatively vs a website simply putting out content to satisfy Keyword searches. Remember it is all about providing a user the best result possible and the Google “Bert” update brings that to the next level. With natural language understanding, it is easier for the AI to truly identify if the website as a whole will cover a topic with authority when answering Queries in search.


    There is no such thing as LSI keywords.

    Google does not do LSA and it never did.

    That’s like 1990s search indexing technology.

    What people are talking about are keyword synonyms.

    I suggest Googling the keyword and taking notes about what shows up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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