How do you set up campaigns?

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    I work for an agency and was just wondering how you guys set up your campaigns on facebook.

    Do you breakdown the audiences you’re targeting into different campaigns or do you have the audiences as different ad sets in the same campaign?

    For e.g do you set up one big conversion campaign and have the different audiences as ad sets in that particular campaign?



    I’m working as an in-house marketer, but the way I set up campaigns is creating different campaign-layers (awareness – consideration – conversion) with different objectives and then breakdown audiences in the adsets. Consideration and conversion are only used for re-targeting, and our awareness campaigns built for prospecting.

    I try to not make my audiences to granular and use automatic placements and campaign budget optimization as much as possible. As this allows Facebook to better target the rights users for my campaigns.


    Cold Traffic. (Mainly LAL)

    Warm Traffic. (View Content)

    Hot Traffic. (ATC)

    Much as u/RoelandVliet has said.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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