How do you fix a blurry image from Canva .. (pdf trick not working)

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    My name is Bria. I put a post on here a while ago about guidance on hiring a social media manager. I own a E-commerce company and social media is so important to my business. Anyways I ended up putting up a job on Linkedin and that was great. We have always used Canva Pro and we’ve noticed that the images are blurry. We’ve contacted Canva we even ended up having their team go into our account or something but we’re still getting blurry images and doing the PDF trick. We create social media content in batches for weeks with multiple templates and stuff for different sizes and platforms. It’s better but it’s not making enough improvements where I am satisfied with my team having to spend extra time converting the images for poor quality.


    You should save all pics as png. Highest quality image file with no compression.


    Also if you end up using those images on Instagram the images are usually slightly compressed…


    What’s wrong with Photoshop or Illustrator?


    Are they blurry or pixelated, if they are pixelated try giving higher ppi or create it in a bigger art board.


    I had this issue when I needed a small graphic. I couldn’t resize it without it being blurry. Solved by using Photoshop to resize to the specs required. Are you using your images very small or just standard?

    Edit – This would happen even if creating a 3x png or a small jpg.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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