How Can I separate Sub Domain crawl from Main Domain?

Forum White Hat SEO How Can I separate Sub Domain crawl from Main Domain?

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    I’ve been beating my head against a rock regarding this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    When I crawl my client’s website, I get both the main domain pages and sub-domain pages as a result. However, competitor websites using the same idx services show only main domain pages. I cannot edit the robots.txt file for subpages.

    Question is when I perform a site: search with google, I get more than 18000 results, both main domain and subdomain, while only having 45 pages on the main website. Other websites using the same idx service only show the main domain for the same search and get less than 700 results with google. Conclusion, we’re ranking for 0 keywords and I’m not sure where to turn.


    Follow up questions: I signed up as a domain rather than URL prefix with GSC. would it be better to index the main domain and subdomain separately? I currently have both subdomain and main domain sitemaps indexed.


    Curious to know what’s the protocol to be followed here


    I do not have an answer but am curious:

    Is the subdomain setup in DNS through an A record or a CNAME pointing to the primary domain?

    Are the subdomain’s pages all below the root for the primary domain – or on a different server?


    Add the domain property to GSC first, by validating trough txt record.
    Then add URL prefix of both the root domain and subdomain.

    You will then be able to get two different reports

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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