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    Hey everyone, I built a tool called [**Pory**]( for creating websites using Airtable 3 months ago and despite our rankings climbing up to 220,000 on Alexa ranking and having a steady source of organic traffic, we can’t seem to overtake dictionary websites.

    We’re currently 5th when you google “Pory”, any ideas on what we can do to improve this situation?

    p.s. if you’re curious why we named our site Pory, it’s actually named after the pokemon “Porygon”.. had no idea “Pory” was a real word.. and to make matters worst, not a great word either haha




    Get some backlinks and generate enough interest in your brand. Google is not convinced that people who search for “Pory” are looking for your website.


    The problem your having is due to searchers intent. Right now Google thinks that most of the people searching for “pory” are looking for a definition or information about the word. To reach the top your probably going to need a bunch of people performing that search and then clicking on your website. If more people search “pory” looking for you and clicking on your link then Google will start to think most people are looking for your site when searching that term. This will cause your to rank higher on the page.


    Build brand links from authority sites, also with some misspelling, could help. Also do a lot of niche edits/ guest posts on tech websites

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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