How are people getting <$20 CPA?

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    I see people getting CPAs as low as $5-10 each and for hundreds of purchases as well. Even with a CTR of 2-3% and a store conversion rate of 2-3%, my CPAs hover around $50 and leaves me at breakeven.

    What do you guys think are the most impactful factors?

    I think it might be time to switch products…


    Side question – when you refer to CTR, are you referring to link CTR or overall CTR (ie including engagements with the ad)?


    I have seen some drastic differences across platforms. Depending upon what you are selling I would suggest experimenting with different platforms. Facebook performed best for us. We also built out a bunch of creative variations across different sizes for the platform to optimize. Good luck!


    Yeah I made a post just the other day about a campaign where I got CPAs at around $17 or so on Facebook. It’s definitely possible.

    Gave some general tips on the post for helping overall performance that probably won’t answer your question about CPAs but the MOST impactful factor I’ve seen is a product that people actually want.

    And for people I’ve worked with that have that product that people want but are still getting poor ad results, the factor that helps CPAs is having a proper and robust campaign structure.


    It’s about much more than PPC for sure


    It all depends on the industry and type of product you’re advertising. I’ve seen lots of successful accounts with much higher CPA’s and still being very profitable.

    Most often it’s not about lowering your CPA, it’s about increasing AOV or even repeat purchase rates.


    Depends on the action you are optimizing for, the product, the price, country targeted and so on.


    What’s your AOV? Also, ctr of 2-3 is pretty low.


    Here’s what marketers don’t always appreciate: sometimes the product, brand, site just isn’t very effective.

    People put it on themselves but there’s only so much ads can do for some products, funnels sites, etc.

    We get $20 CPA quite regularly but sometimes goes to $40-60 on a $300-400 item. I get fantastic ROAS in Google/Shopping: 10x but it’s because it’s a really interesting niche, with a great product people want as soon as they see it but the total market isn’t large as its constrained by a specific automotive brand and the number of owners who want a specifc category of mostly DIY parts.

    If you sell random widgets, you aren’t different, there are a lot of competitors, etc.

    Some of us have been spoiled by business models that aren’t that effective but they’ve technically been working until… Something changes.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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