Help with targeting for giveaway? Too many low quality entrants!!

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    I am building a new ecommerce business in the running space. I am trying to build a launch list before my products are ready to sell by doing weekly giveaways for items runners would use. Specifically I’m targeting cross country and trail runners.

    I seem to get a lot of low quality entrants into the contest. I’m running a conversion campaign and I’ve done testing to figure out which audience performs the best, but does anyone have any tips to exclude people seeking Freebies and Free stuff?

    I have done some exclusions to most of the interests that revolve around “free, discounts, sweepstakes, giveaways”.



    I mean, in doing a giveaway you’re going to get a lot of people who just want free stuff, that’s just the reality of it. The way I would look to qualify entrants is by making it harder to enter, if you’re not all that genuinely interested in the product, the amount of time you’re probably willing to spend entering the giveaway is probably much lower.


    You’re getting low quality because your call to action is “free stuff” not because of the interests your targeting.


    This strategy is unnecessary and backwards. Doing a giveaway and wanting to exclude people who want free stuff is contradictory. In my experience, giveaways bring nothing but freeloaders and you’re wasting money on people who won’t stick around. When it comes to e-commerce, direct response conversion campaigns are your best friend.

    Run a conversion campaign highlighting your products strengths & why a customer would want it. When they click the ad, bring them directly to a product page or collection page. That way you’re building a customer base that is actually interested and you may get a few sales along the way!

    TL;DR: People who discover you through giveaways will not actually purchase anything. Also FB deems these as low quality ads.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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