Hello I am a South Korean marketer.

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    I’m from South Korea.

    I am also a marketer in Korea.

    Currently, there are many questions about advertisement cpm and efficiency.


    In Korea, the problem is the increased cost of cpm and the efficiency is low compared to the amount used.


    I am working as a video inquiry campaign.

    Any good video will show 10% quality.

    Crazy Facebook. What are you doing?


    A lot of people perceive it as a temporary phenomenon due to the influence of the U.S

    It has to be true and it has to be solved quickly, but it’solved quickly.


    (The grammar may be weird because it’s registered as a translation)


    Another one to the pile. Yea, if you sort by top posts this month there have been lots of people talking about this topic. Here is the latest thread:

    Will Facebook ads ever go back to normal? from PPC


    Hey OP! Do you also advertise on KakaoTalk, Naver or other local channels? Curious how those perform for a Korean audience vs Facebook. We have a couple campaigns in Korea that I’m looking into expanding

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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