Has anyone successfully replicated their AMS campaigns to other ad platforms?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Has anyone successfully replicated their AMS campaigns to other ad platforms?

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    Let’s say you sell on Amazon as well as your own store and you’ve been running AMS ads with some campaigns that are doing well.

    Has anyone successfully “replicated” those campaigns over to other platforms like Google Ads? And if so, do you have any advice and insight? Do you use the same keywords? Would you optimize for sales? How are your conversion rates between the two ad platforms?


    I actually routinely use the search terms report they have there to “mine” for keyword opportunities to use on Google and Bing, yes absolutely.

    Now, that does not mean you should just copy the bids over 1:1 like that,

    the bid information you see on Amazon does not really apply to Google and will usually need to rely on Google’s own suggested bid estimates in order to setup those same mirror keywords on their platform to get things going on there well as well.

    Once you launch your keywords, you can come back after around 300 clicks and set a more appropriate bid based upon a bid adjustment formula that you find suitable to your own management strategy, set to repeat them on a quarterly or similar basis until you get them properly dialed in for your new account.



    # That I found as an overall basis is somewhat similar with just average management between the two platforms,

    Amazon has spent good time and research to see what the market will bare for a key-term on their platform as compared to normal market rates and therefore assigned a suggested bid on their platform that would, in the end, approximately match the ROI that all other platforms where similar customers would come from in order to reach maximum profitability on the traffic they provide.

    A similar case exists between Facebook and LinkedIN for example as while the CPM rates are drastically different between those 2 platforms, the cost per lead and close rates on your leads you can acquire from there actually come out to equal the same when everything is said and done with.



    With particularly ‘good’ management on Google, theres more opportunity to get an even better return on the same terms, mainly because theres more overall opportunity to use different segmenting tools, ie. what we call ‘dimensions’ such as gender, income class, in order to weed out the parts of the traffic we don’t like and when nobody else is willing to do it (*which is 90%+ of most people*).

    The above might obviously change as Amazon gives their users more and more ways to segment their traffic to weed out and get the parts out of there that you do not want to include with your investment as they have been doing lately.

    So for those who actually want to put the work in, like most things, there is a great profit opportunity waiting for you on Google/Bing using the search terms you find on Amazon secondarily on the Google Search platform that Google themselves don’t give you in their keyword tool or can otherwise find your competitors using with tools like SpyFu or SEM yourself (*which is far more common than you think*).


    **As a final note about all of this,**

    **With Google just releasing this past week they will be hiding some of the search term data they bring, this RICH keyword search term data will be EXTRA valuable to us PPC advertisers now so there will be even more reason to use it as I just had told you above.**

    Hope that helps.


    Of course not. Just like you can’t expect to import a Google account into Bing and “duplicate” the results. Different platforms, audiences, etc., etc.

    How much of your revenue is coming through the platform? What’s the paid vs. organic split?

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