Had a job in PPC. Im looking for a new one. I have about a year of experience. Next steps?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Had a job in PPC. Im looking for a new one. I have about a year of experience. Next steps?

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    I didn’t do everything a ppc manager does, but I did help out with PPC tasks in google ads full time. What i learned is navigating through the interface is second natured now. I still have holes in my knowledge and my ppc management skills are not complete. Like all i did was live in the search terms reports in my previous job, and just added negative keywords for 100+ accounts, and did some simple account builds with Google Ads editor by using an existing account as the foundation. So basically copying the existing account with editor new build out new accounts, because it was the same client just a different store location.

    I’m finding it hard to find ppc jobs/figure out what i should do next. I’d like to continue doing google ads management but in a role where I will be exposed to it all. Any advice? ALso I think this previous job was crap because I was overworked/doing the same boring tasks over and over again which was the above. I didn’t get a chance to set up conversion tracking for any of the accounts, play with Google shopping campaigns, a/b test ads/landing pages, display, do account builds from scratch, pace budgets for accounts, keyword research, set up conversion tracking, monitor google analytic.s for website optimization etc. What do you guys recommend I do next? I don’t want to do another shitty ppc gig that basically going to get me near nowhere for another year because it has so many accounts that there’s basically no time to do anything a normal ppc specialist gets to do. Previous job just felt like they needed somme ppc slave to do all the grunt work to keep the business they had going. Please help!


    You could go freelance and learn the rest on the go. The way I see it though – you have less experience than what I learned in my first 6 months of trial & error back in the day on the job where I mastered it into depth. Although you could start small with couple easy clients and build from there.




    At a minimum go through the Free training by Google and get the certificate.

    At least it shows a level of knowledge and understanding of the system.


    Get a linkedin page, contracting agencies will find and reach out to you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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