Google Sitelinks are not the top-level pages in the menu, how can this be changed?

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    I have a client who’s website ranks well but they are unhappy that when people Google their brand name, the sitelinks under their domain include random pages such as About Us and Contact instead of the top-level pages in their menu.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for some updates I could make to encourage Google to list the more relevant pages over generic pages?







    best you can do is improve the internal linking to the pages that you would prefer to show


    yevertheless, there are a number of things you can do to help Google
    understand your site structure and content and this, in turn, increases
    your chances of getting sitelinks in the search results.


    According to Google, utilizing anchor text and alt text that’s “informative, compact, and avoids repetition” is one way to garner sitelinks on a navigational SERP.

    However, you have very little control over these.

    You could run ads for those search terms that you see them on and in the ads create the sitelinks you want. At least that would appear aboovethe organic result.


    RemindMe! 6hrs


    They removed the tool that allowed input because people abused it.

    They rely on schema and internal linking.

    If someone searches a brand name, contact and about are highly valid pages to display. You are not going to be able to suppress or change that. All the internal linking in the universe won’t keep Google from thinking Contact and About are authoritative replies for a brand query, and removing them would be disastrous in its own right.


    Google does that by defaul, those are the best pages on the website.

    You can buy traffic to specific pages and make Google think those pages have a good performance


    Google will go ahead and change your page titles, descriptions, and top level links in their search results based on what they think might be better.

    Aren’t they great?


    Here /u/threedogdad and /u/surfnsound nailed it.

    Google thinks those pages are important. The About Us and Contact Page *are* super important. I have always felt like the E-A-T / YMYL is a little overblown. But really, having clear “about us” and and “contact” pages goes a really long way to proving you are who you say you are. If there is a phone number or a street address, you are far more likely to be accountable for the information you are posting on line.

    Your client may be frustrated that visitors can skip by any number of high value CTAs or expensive-to-produce content. But getting their users to critical information is super valuable.

    Here is another way to put it. some percentage of people hitting the website are already clients. Any time they spend on sales pages is time wasted. You want to efficiently get those users to phone numbers or mailing address as quickly as possible. That is what those sitelinks are doing.


    Maybe we need to work on texts, make the texts more informative. Google loves informativeness


    Google usually pick it up from your navigation links or any pages which has a lot of internal links pointing to it, which basically comes down to navigation.

    My person suggestion,

    I will try to change the menu location for about and contact and see how it’s changes.


    Maybe someone will correct me, but I believe you could also add structured data (schema) to the head of the preferred pages which could make Google prioritize those pages. For this to work tho, I’d make sure those top level pages are rich in content and have good core web vitals, good UX, etc.


    If someone searches for a brand by name, pages like About Us and Contact SHOULD be the type of sitelinks that appear.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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