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    The game ad is for Ultima Online Outlands , with an acronym of UO. Google constantly displays it to urban outfitters (UO), university of oregon or ottewa and []( (a news company in Brazil, which we want to target Brazil players).


    I have about 1000 negative keywords related to the universities, uol and other junk. With the smart campaign we could define it as a “game” ad/site. However with the regular campaign for web/clicks, I don’t see an option to weed out the junk.


    I added some exclusions for “fashionistas” but am not sure what else to do. We had to turn off the display network since google was only displaying the ad on fake websites overseas (bots or free cheap game virus sites).




    Is the issue mainly in search? What keywords or terms are bringing in the irrelevant searches? What percent of your daily spend or click volume is going towards these irrelevant clicks?


    Display requires a lot of blacklisting (or whitelisting) to get it running properly. If you transitioned from a smart campaign, you might be better off at creating a regular search campaign from scratch to avoid carrying over unwanted settings.

    Review your keyword list. If your keywords aren’t too broad, they should not match with things like “university of oregon”. You should not need 1000 negative keywords to negativize these things. Just negativize concepts as phrase match “university” or “oregon” instead of hundreds of specific search terms.

    The “did you mean” function is unfortunately out of your control, but if the search term is changed to “university of oregon”, your ad shouldn’t appear if your keyword is something like “UO game” or “Ultima online outlands”. Close matches can complicate this, but that’s were proper negativization comes in.

    What keywords are you using?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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