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    I usually don’t come across Updates posts too often.

    Creating one so that people will know that it’s going on, and hopefully have some discussion around how it is impacting your website(s) and the key takeaways following the research work in the days to follow.

    Let’s see who gets to enjoy during the weekend!

    Cheers and all the best guys!


    – Most of my local clients are fine.
    – Most of my national clients have seen an improvement.
    – Most of my e-commerce clients have lost to Amazon.
    – I don’t have any affiliate/lead gen (black hat) websites.


    Ive seen no changes yet on any site I run.




    Yeah I also read that Update will come shortly in a week, hopefully it will be good for us


    My affiliate site in a niche medical/beauty field tanked about 50-60%.


    My clients (2) took a decent hit.


    Some improvement but nothing wild. Personally saw larger swing last week of November across many sites. Stay tuned since there are usually tweaks and changes for at least two weeks after the update


    Good to hear


    Well, It’s too early to talk about changes actually. We need more data to have better understanding.


    I noticed an impressive overnight rise in visibility and some new keywords in the rank in the top 3. Assuming it’s from whatever was in this update?

    We TANKED on 5/4, so this is a relief.


    Not seeing too much. 1 ecom with lite content slumping a bit. All locals good. Other ecoms good.

    I would suggest just watching and waiting. Don’t make any moves for a couple of weeks. What goes down sometimes bounces right back. So to the other way.


    Affiliate site in gardening and content site in health got hit hard


    How can you see if your positions have fluctuated?


    I see churn

    I’m up for some keywords and countries, down for some keywords and countries. I’m down a little bit overall but I’m up for some very high-competition keywords.

    Personally I think may 4 update was a philosophy change — move away from backlinks as the main ranking factor, move towards user behavior as the main ranking factor — I think this update continues in that direction.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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