Google begins rolling out the “link spam update,” which makes its algorithms more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam.

Forum White Hat SEO Google begins rolling out the “link spam update,” which makes its algorithms more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam.

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    Google reminds site owners to qualify links appropriately when linking out to other sites.

    Sites are required to add tags to links where there’s a value exchange between the two domains.

    In particular, Google singles out affiliate links and links from sponsored and guest content.

    Here’s what Google recommends for each type of link:


    * **Affiliate links**: Google asks sites participating in affiliate programs to qualify these links with **rel=“sponsored”**, regardless of whether these links were created manually or dynamically.


    * **Links from sponsored posts**: Links that are advertisements or paid placements (commonly called paid links) are to be marked up with the **rel=“sponsored”** value.


    * **Links from guest posts**: Links from guest posts are to be marked up with the rel=“nofollow” value.


    why nofollow for guest posts?


    Can anyone explain how this affects link cloaking?

    For example, all my affiliate links are like this: `/recommends/affiliate-program`

    This redirects to the affiliate program. I have hundreds.

    Is this bad practise now? Should I eliminate all cloaking and use direct links with `rel=”sponsored”`?


    Is this a new update or the one from last month?


    Do I need to update Amazon affiliate links on my blog?
    As of now, I have marked them all as nofollow. Do I need to mark them all as sponsored and nofollow or just sponsored?


    so what the duck actually *rightfully* qualifies as a do-follow then??


    how google can find out if money is involved in guest posts?


    All my affiliate links are in nofollow, is it all good or do i need to add the rel=sponsored too ?


    All the external links in my blogposts are nofollow by default. Is this a good paractice? Will Google consider all the external links as Guest posts?


    I was checking ahrefs the other day, and there are so few links marked as sponsored for many high profile websites (I’m talking fortune 500 companies, not mom and pop companies) with obvious paid backlink. Every seo company I ever saw, was dofollow. If anyone can name a seo company that provides backlinks with sponsored please name it.

    If anyone has basic seo experience, would know that nobody gives free dofollow backlinks. And everyone that asks for backlinks (99% because 1 person asked for a dofollow or nofollow but for free) requires dofollow.

    They said for ages that page speed and content is very important but reality is links is what really matters.

    I witnessed the weirdest thing in my life: a website with no content, ranking for a kw with 300k traffic, just with a ton of backlinks from 301 redirect and not even from the same niche. Total trash… They say X and do Y, as always.


    How will this effect sites however if they don’t? I’ve found Google really doesn’t know the difference in the past


    Where is the source of this information?


    The funny and ironic thing is most site owners don’t know how to add link tags even if they’re using a CMS

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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