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    Sorry for the rant, but it seems like asking Google Ads Support a simple question like “How do you create auto generated end screens” turns into a multi email ordeal where they point you in the wrong direction.

    I have a representative that said to create YouTube End Screens, when I don’t want YouTube End Screens. Then stated the Auto Generated End Screens are impossible, when half of YouTube ads have these background faded centered logo automated end screens. I am starting to go gray and pull out my hair.

    I don’t know enough about Google Ads and therefore ask their support team, but I feel like they are as inexperienced as I am.


    Oh yeah, it’s almost always zero help, and if you ask about optimization, it’s often harmful. Once you can get a rep it’s night and day though they still try to sell you feature adoption all the time.


    They’ve been driving me insane lately. It takes 5 tries to get someone decent.


    Google Ads Support is worthless. Don’t ever expect them to have an answer.


    All major platforms have terrible ad support imo. To answer your question though, those end screens with a CTA run automatically after trueview for action campaigns.


    Mostly people following a predetermined set of processes.


    Have you tried the Advertiser Community?
    They’re much better.


    Don’t ask them for help lmao unless you want to spend more money.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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