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    Hi, I have a question – on one GADS campaign couple of responsive search ads are eating like 5x time more budget than the most popular expanded ads. What is the best way to optimize these (ROAS is below 1)? Should I try other variations? But if you trust the google AI, then the best variant should be chosen automatically…


    Google gives higher priority to RSAs.


    Did you get any earning from this spends ?


    Yeah, this is pretty common. The best way I’ve found to optimize RSAs is to pin copy that has done well in the top headline and description so Google’s AI tests variations on fewer variables.

    Have you tried setting your ad rotation to rotate indefinitely? This will attempt to serve ads more evenly in a campaign.


    You probably don’t have well-aligned keywords/ETA combinations. This could be because you’re running too many keywords or haven’t paid attention to including keywords in creatives.

    You can clean up keywords, add more keywords to existing ETAs, or add more ETAs with keywords to improve coverage.


    I pause responsive ads in situations like this.


    ETAs will be gone in 1-2 years so Google is now pushing RSA hard to teach its AI on all possible variations, languages and business vericals


    Never trust Google AI to optimize for you. My problem with RSA is they essentially function as a mid level segmentation between ad and ad group since you can technically just have one RSA in one ad group (since RSA does the ad rotation for you), making the ad group somewhat irrelevant.

    I suggest you make different RSA variations based on the pin position as opposed to the typical ETA strategy of using text variation.

    You incorporate the same copy strategy with ETAs, however, in terms of using numbers, percentages, symbol etc. You want to control the visual hierarchy of the resulting combinations to a degree without completely being dependent on the AI which is honestly, despite being better than anything else out there, is still not as smart as a trained ad manager.


    Google optimizing their profits

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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